Take a spooky evening stroll around Historic Downtown West Jefferson.

You will learn some local history and enjoy some wild stories of the paranormal.


Ghost Tour Dates:

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I wanted to do it during the Summer, but with no help I haven’t been able to do it. But it will definitely be going on Friday and Saturday Nights October 2019! Limited Space Available.

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Call or send a message to reserve your spot. I will not accept those without reservation. You will pay when you arrive.

Be sure to wear your walking shoes! We are going to walk around Downtown West Jefferson.

This is recommended for adults & young adults. Please don’t drop a group of youngins off with me unattended, thanks!

This is a public event!

Everyone will be responsible for their own safety while we walk on the streets and sidewalks.

What’s so scary about Ashe County?

Well you are about to find out, and it may just keep you up at night. Let the Wicked Witch of West Jefferson be your guide!

I will cover many paranormal subjects that connect with each other to provide a thoughtful discussion on the supernatural including magic, spirits in general, and the afterlife. I will tell my family and personal ghost stories as well as talk about spooky happenings all over Ashe through the years. I will tell you what makes this area so special, magical and dark. I will tell you about all the “haints” and “boogers” and how to protect yourself from them. We will be walking around Downtown West Jefferson and each location will prompt stories of different areas of Ashe. We will also actually be going in to 3 total locations/structures.

This could last longer than an hour so don’t be too hasty to get somewhere after. I encourage questions, pictures and intellectual, taboo discussions among the group. I want this to be a thought-provoking social event. Please don’t bring anyone younger than around the age of 12. Decide at your own discretion what you think your kids can maturely handle. We will be talking about tragic and violent deaths, murder, Witchcraft/Metaphysical studies, Science, History and Philosophy. I have been studying these things all my life. Having grown up in this area of Appalachia, Folktales are an important part of my heritage. If any of the things mentioned personally offends you, then please don’t come to this event. If you choose to attend, just approach it with an open mind and ,hopefully, be entertained. There are actually plenty of dark history stories that I could tell, but have decided to avoid. But never fear! There are many other things I have been “dying” to tell you!

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