General Information

Escape Game!

*Fun Family/Group Activity

*60 Minutes

*Ages: 9 + 

*3-6 players

*Price: $15 a person

*Reservation Preferred, but I sometimes take walk-ins.


The Escape Room is Open Tus- Sunday.

I generally try to schedule games every two hours at 12, 2, 4, 6, and as late as 8:00 on Friday and Saturday.  Please call ahead of time to schedule your game.

Answers to your Questions...

1. What is an Escape Room anyways?

*An Escape Room game is a new form of entertainment that has been gaining popularity over the last five years. Escape Rooms are interactive, timed, group adventures where you are challenged with different types of puzzles. You must find clues and keys and use teamwork to help you Escape.

It's like a scavenger hunt that includes different puzzles within a maze. It's a hands on interactive experience.

2. I'm claustrophobic, do you really lock people in?

*No, you will not really be locked in. The way you came in will remain unlocked for emergency exit. The point is to be taken out of your normal environment to explore a new space and have fun with friends and family.

3. How many people can play at a time?

* 3-6 can play at once. 4 is a good number but no more than 6 should play at a time in order to have the best experience and chance to escape in the alotted hour of time.

4. Is it family friendly?

*It is definitely family friendly, but I don't allow anyone under the age of 9 in even with family because there are breakable objects and they will not likely be able to play along and enjoy the game. 
At least 1 adult has to be in a room with kids between 9-15. Generally older teens could probably escape without any adult help, but unsupervised children will not be permitted. In general I would like to see families playing and having a bonding experience together rather than dropping off their kids.

5. How big is the game area/what does it look like?

* There are 3 small rooms that make up one game. The current theme is Space Cowboy Rescue Mission and the setup helps tell the story.

I am proud of this new Escape set up and I'm excited to show it to you! This is the best one yet!
The way you will find clues is really quirky, weird and unexpected.  Trust me, you will have a lot of fun! This theme will be playable until around Fall 2019

☆Zeea Darling: Game Master