Fortune Telling


This is the Fortune Telling room where Brenda Moon will be reading Tarot cards two Sundays a month. Please call 336-846-2410 or send a message through facebook to get more info and to reserve a reading. It is $20 for 20 minutes. I also to intend to start offering other forms of Fortune telling as well such as Palmistry, Charm or Rune Stone casting, and I would even like to have Tea Leaf Reading tea parties. We also will be holding classes and events on Herbalism, Graphology and hopefully Astrology through the years.

Try this online tarot widget below and see what you come up with!

Quiet your mind and ask a question.  Use the cards below to help you answer it.  This is not a legitimate tarot reading, but you can still gain insight from this mystifying oracle.  If nothing else, please enjoy the artwork and symbolism. This is the Nicoletta Ceccoli deck that I used to use in store. You can buy Tarot cards at Great Southern Gothic and have a reading done by appointment.