Beard Oil


Beard Oil


Your choice of Nourishing Beard oil in 100ml (roughly 3.38oz) Amber Glass Dropper Bottle

Choose from one of these blends...


*Clove & Cedar: With Clove & Cedar Essential Oils. Simple and nice. Wood & Spice Good for Focus

* Blue Ridge Mist: Simple & pleasant earthy blend of Lavender, Frankincense & Patchouli Essential Oils Calming

*Coffee & Cigarettes: Sweet Tobacco, with Coffee essential oil, vetiver, patchouli and other fragrance oils blend together to create a unique and addictive fragrance. This is one of the most popular fragrances. (It doesn’t really smell like cigarettes)

*Sexy Cinnamon Clove: Fragrance Oil. Traditional "Man Type" Smell. Spicy

*Smoldering Patchouli: Fragrance Oil Earthy, Smoky/wood, kinda Patchouli-ish "Masculine" Smell

*Growth Formula #1: Blend of Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram, Patchouli, and a bit of Basil. These are all oils know to help promote blood circulation and hair growth. Pleasant Herby & Earthy Smell

*Growth Formula #2 Cedar, Teatree, Rosemary, Lavender, Mint. This is fresh, woodsy and a bit menthol. These are all oils know to help promote blood circulation and hair growth.

*Spiced Tobacco

Sweet Vanilla tobacco with cinnamon & clove.

*Mountain Man: Like a fresh walk through the Appalachian Mountains.

Sweet pine, fresh fir, a bit of menthol from rosemary and peppermint oils. With sweet cedarwood and grounding patchouli. It drys down to a clean smell.

Steampunk: A curious mix of Leather, Black Tea & Lemon with Rosewood


No added fragrance. Just base oil blend.

$17 each

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