New Escape Room November 2018

This is the coolest one yet!

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Click the picture to find out!

Click the picture to find out!

This escape room is completely hand created by Zeea Darling, the owner, and operator of Great Southern Gothic. It serves as a playable art installment and it is the 5th and best escape game she has created so far. It is a small town attraction, nothing fancy, but very entertaining. You haven’t seen anything quite like it!

The theme is: Space Cowboy Rescue Mission

You have a mission with certain objectives that you must complete before time is up. You will be helping our heroes, the Space Cowboys, by figuring out how to Escape from three exciting rooms before the maniacal Reptilians return and vaporize you, or worse, experiment on you!

You have 60 minutes to accomplish your mission.

You must perform experiments, examine Top Secret Government documents and handle alien weapons.

You will enjoy the cool and fun atmosphere, kooky reveals and the amazing Dark Retro Wave soundtrack!

For ages 9+ with adults. 2-6 people can play at once. 4 or 5 is best.


Click to see Photos

Click to see Photos

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You have to experience this unique Escape Room for yourself! Each incarnation is a quirky new adventure to behold. It’s creative, artsy and off-beat with a lot of soul. The purpose is to bring families and friends together to have fun! The theme is changed once a year.



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